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Welcome to Nana.Mom Recruiting- Your all-in-one hiring and social media management solution! Streamline recruitment, save time and costs, enhance candidate experience, and boost your employer brand with our integrated platform. Gain valuable insights and stay competitive. Ultimately, this solution promises a substantial return on investment by reducing time-to-hire, improving candidate quality, and increasing social media engagement.

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"Choosing Nana.Mom's digital services was a game-changer for our business. Their team's expertise in website development and social media management, combined with the invaluable marketing coaching, has not only elevated our online presence but also resulted in a remarkable increase in our customer engagement and sales. It's like having a personal tech guru and marketing genius all rolled into one!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do employees leave their current job?

Employee turnover can be attributed to factors such as limited career growth, poor management, inadequate compensation, an unhealthy work environment, and a mismatch of values with the company culture. Dissatisfaction often leads employees to seek better opportunities that offer higher pay, more fulfilling roles, or improved working conditions. Organizational issues like ineffective leadership and a toxic workplace culture contribute to employee departure, as does the failure to provide flexible work arrangements. Life changes, such as relocation or family obligations, can also prompt employees to leave. Addressing these concerns, fostering a positive workplace culture, and prioritizing employee engagement are essential strategies for minimizing turnover and maintaining a stable workforce.

What is DODD?

The Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) provides crucial services for individuals with developmental disabilities, covering residential care, community programs, and family assistance. To access these services, individuals can contact their local DODD office or visit the website to understand eligibility and initiate the application process. Financial aid and waivers are available to eligible individuals and families. Those interested in becoming service providers or caregivers can obtain information on certification and training from local DODD offices. DODD actively advocates for the rights of individuals with developmental disabilities and collaborates with various agencies to enhance support and services.

How do I get more aplicants?

To increase your workforce, optimize job postings with clear descriptions and benefits, utilizing online platforms and social media for maximum visibility. Implement employee referral programs to leverage existing networks and build a positive employer brand by showcasing your company's culture and values. Ensure competitive compensation packages, consider offering flexible work arrangements, and highlight opportunities for professional growth and development. Streamline the application process for ease of use and explore collaboration with recruitment agencies to expand your reach. Emphasize employee benefits and perks, promote a positive work culture, and gather feedback to continually improve the work environment. Internship programs can serve as a pipeline for potential hires, contributing to a well-rounded and effective recruitment strategy. Nana.mom can help with all the hiring needs and social media management!

What is a typical hiring process?

The hiring process typically begins with creating a detailed job description and posting it on various platforms. Candidates submit applications, which undergo resume screening and initial assessments, often in the form of phone or video interviews. Shortlisted candidates proceed to in-person or virtual interviews, skills assessments, and reference checks. Once a candidate is selected, a job offer is extended, followed by negotiations and, upon acceptance, the onboarding process. Effective communication throughout the process is vital for providing updates and ensuring a positive candidate experience.


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